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End Date: 8th January, 2016
Eligible Partners: Registered partners
Combined with:
VIP, CTMP, OIP (Hunting) and TIP (Teaming)


UCS Smart Play Select

With SmartPlay Select, you can build your own bundle specific to the customer’s environment not only use the proconfigured bundles like with the previous Smart Play 8. Using fundamental technology building blocks, you can choose from various options to create the optimal configuration solution. For more information you have to login to with your CCO login. 

Quoting Expiry: 23 January 2016
Order Expiry: 27 February 2016

Eligible Partners - Partners wishing to resell the B-Series bundles must be an approved UCS Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) partner or have one of the following specializations: Data Center Architecture (DCA) or Unified Computing Technology (UCT).



MDS 9148S Promotion

Get a new Cisco MDS 9148S, 16G Fibre Channel SAN switch for small and medium business customers. This switch is powerful, flexible (with up to 48 autosensing line-rate 16G Fibre Channel ports) and has enterprise-class features in a compact one–rack unit form factor. Now you can get it for a very competitive pricing at Comstor, call us today!

Available till: Ongoing
Eligible Partners: Registered

Combinable: VIP, OIP, TMP


SeedIT First-Time Buyer Promotion

First-time buyers of the latest Cisco technologies represent a great opportunity. SeedIT helps partners encourage these customers to purchase new Cisco platforms. With exclusive discounts on eligible promotions, SeedIT offers easy and compelling pricing to help you close the deal on select products and bundles. For more information you have to login to with your CCO login. 

Available till: Ongoing
Eligible product: Cisco Nexus 9300/9500 Bundles
Eligible Partners: All Resale Partners and Cloud and Managed Service Partners with Select Certification or higher can access this promotion through the Cisco Commerce Workspace.


Advanced New Account Breakaway Promotion - UCS & Nexus

Available for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Nexus data center switching products, our Advanced New Account Breakaway Promotion rewards you for finding new opportunities and selling to accounts that have not previously purchased UCS or Nexus. For more information you have to login to with your CCO login.

This Promotion only applies when the following conditions are met:

  • Fully Approved Advanced New Account Breakaway deal by 25 July, 2015
  • Customer company Account has not previously purchased a UCS System and/or Nexus unit
  • Approval by Cisco Account Manager, and Cisco promotions governance team
  • Products are eligible Nexus and UCS products under this Promotion

Eligible Partners: Partner must be a Cisco Registered Partner to access this deal registration promotion through the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). Partner must also have at least one of the following UCS specializations to resell UCS B-series system: Advanced Unified Computing Technology or Advanced Data Center Architecture


Cisco MDS Advantage Migration Promotion

Receive up to 10 percent credit when you trade in a Cisco MDS 9124 Multilayer Fabric Switch and purchase a Cisco MDS 9148 Multilayer Fabric Switch. For more information you have to login to with your CCO login.

Valid until:
July 30, 2016 (January 23, 2016 for Cisco UCS Smartplays only)
Eligible Partners: all TMP enrolled

Other DC migration promotions:

Promotion name Reward/Discount End date
Arista to Nexus Competitive Migration Program Discount up to 15% Ongoing
Nexus Advantage Migration Promotion Discoutns up to 12% 24th October 2015


UCS Advantage Trade-In Promotion

Build value for your business as you help customers elevate their data center to a fully virtualized, unified data center. Encourage enterprise customers to migrate from legacy server environments
or early–generation Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers to the latest Cisco UCS. Includes HP, IBM and Dell.
For more information you have to login to with your CCO login.

Last date to quote: January 23, 2016
Last date to order: February 22, 2016

Eligible Partners - Cisco Data Center Architecture Specialization or Cisco Unified Computing Technology required to quote and sell UCS Blade system. You also need to enroll in the Technology Migration Program to be eligible.
Combined with - TMP


DESOP Promotion - UCS

As new products come the market, old products must go. This is an ongoing promotion that is held by Cisco to make room for new products that are coming in. This then is a chance for you to receive some of Cisco’s best products at an extremely discounted rate! Cisco has products running through the DESOP promotion all year. Stay up to date and see what products are on offer in the SKU list.

End Date – While supplies last
Eligible Partners - All
Combined with - None

Nexus Sales Promotions and Bundles

Offer your customers data center scale and performance improvements, operational efficiency, and wire-once flexibility to accelerate their journey to second-generation data center architectures.
For more information you have to login to with your CCO login.

Current promotions:
• Nexus 5596UP Fibre Channel Bundles (ongoing)
• Cisco Nexus 7000 Bundle and Cisco ASA 5585-X with SSP-60 Bundle (ongoing)
• Wide variety of Nexus portfolio discounts (ongoing)

End Date: Ongoing

  Cisco Nexus 5596UP Fibre Channel Bundles

This promotion simplifies ordering of key solution components, provides a discount of up to 45 percent when compared to ordering separately and offers a future-ready solution that addresses the needs of data centers of all sizes.

End date: Ongoing

To see all available promotions within various architectures follow navigation below. Happy selling.
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