NEW: Cisco HyperFlex


We have big news! Cisco just launched HyperFlex, a brand new Hyperconvergence solution. 

Hyperconvergence is a new evolution in the way of working for IT infrastructure. Hyperconvergence uses principles of traditional converged infrastructure (FlexPod, VersaStack, …)
as pre-integration and validation between servers, network and storage with a cooperative support model. But it also adds a few other points: solution based on x86 infrastructure,
a scale out concept and a software defined architecture.



Cisco HyperFlex is an agile hyperconverged solution based on the successful Cisco UCS portfolio. With this solution, Cisco extends their portfolio to accommodate workloads
with a new form factor. Cisco keeps its compute vision & strategy consistent: one operating model and one management platform across all datacenter solutions. Whether you
use UCS compute only systems, integrate into a converged solution, use a UCS compute system for dedicated workloads (cloud apps, big data ...) or need a solution for hyperconvergence, everything is managed under the same platform and management interface.

It also enables cloudlike economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, and availability in the Data Center.
It natively integrates compute and storage into a single x86-based server deployed in scaleout clusters. It reduces power and space, and dramatically eliminates
storage complexity.




Complete Hyperconvergence: All 3 layers of Network, Compute and Storage intelligently
integrated into a single solution for <30 minute deployment

Intuitive management: Eliminate infrastructure silos and use existing management tools to manage & automate operations

Cloud Speed: Instantly provision, clone or
snapshot applications




Built on the UCS Platform: unified management using existing skillsets in the organization

Flexible Deployment: variety of configurations to handle diversified set of workloads

Always-on data optimization: inline dedupe
& compression ensuring hyper-efficient
resource utilization



Scale-as-you-grow: Add resources
nondisruptively and scale performance linearly in small increments

Adaptive Scaling: Scale Compute or
Capacity to match application needs

Non-Stop Infrastructure: self-healing fabric
based hyperconvergence with cloud monitoring





HyperFlex = flexibility + ease of management + scalability


Being built on the UCS platform, Cisco offers the first hyperconverged solution in the market that truly integrates all components in the data center infrastructure: compute, storage but also networking. Where every traditional hyperconverged solution treats the networking part as an after-thought, Cisco automatically includes the networking stack. This makes the initial installation easy and consistent, with a thorough performance control; the network is based on a low latency 10Gbps unified fabric. 

Besides this, the solution allows scaling and automatic rebalancing by adding the hyperconverged nodes, but also compute nodes only. This allows users to scale their storage & compute independently based on the application demand, and facilitate data or compute growth easily and effectively. That data efficiency is also sustained by a highly featured optimization layer based on inline deduplication and compression, native integration into snapshots and clones.


The primary use cases of the Cisco HyperFlex solution are the following:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - desktop virtualization based on VMware or Citrix.
  • Low upfront cost model
  • Consistent performance
  • Predictable Scaling


Virtual Server Infrastructure: server virtualization based on VMware.
  • Reduce operational complexity
  • Adaptive scaling
  • Always-on resiliency


Test & Development: in a virtual
environment based on VMWare.

  • Agile provisioning
  • Frequent iterations
  • Instant cloning and snapshotting


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